DATE: April 2018

Information in these terms updates any information found on the website, internet or in any advertising or correspondence that precedes this date.

Booking Process

Check the information on our website weddingweekends.co.uk and discuss your plans with us. If you wish to save a date, we can agree to your sending a refundable holding deposit of £250, which gives you 4 weeks to make a decision to go ahead or not.

Once you have secured a booking date and made your first payment it will be agreed by doing so that you will have read and accepted our terms and conditions.

Your booking payments will be handled through the website merchant account, a payment schedule will be agreed with us, reminders will be sent and confirmations of receipt of funds.

If you prefer to pay by cheque or direct transfer that is also possible.

Schedule of Payments

50% of the total balance is required as your first installment to secure your weekend, unless the booking is within 12 weeks of your event in which case payment in full will be required. A schedule of payments will be agreed with you, but your balance must be paid 12 weeks prior to your weekend. If payment is not received in a timely manner we reserve the right to cancel your booking.

Security Deposit

A refundable deposit of £1500 must be paid by cleared funds one week prior to the start of your booking and will be held against damage to the property and its contents, but this amount does not limit the amount of your liability should there be extensive damage or loss above and beyond this amount.

The deposit will be refunded 7 – 10 days after your weekend subject to these terms.

Reasons for withholding an amount from the deposit include, but are not limited to – extra cleaning of the house or garden, incorrect use or damage to hot tub or any equipment or furniture.


Should you need to cancel your weekend, please inform us immediately. We will refund your payments if we can relet your weekend for the same rate. Otherwise cancellation charges are as follows. More than 13 months prior to the weekend, we will refund your deposit less 10%, less than 13 months prior to the weekend we will retain your deposit, if you cancel less than 12 weeks prior to your weekend there will be no refund unless we are able to relet your dates. In this case we will refund 50% of the amount we receive for your weekend. We strongly recommend that you take insurance out against the event of date change or cancellation.

In addition, Wedding Weekends has the right up until 13 months prior to the weekend to cancel a booking and make a full refund, but no compensation, if they are concerned that your plans may have an adverse effect on the property or neighbours.

If Wedding Weekends has to cancel your booking for any other reason, including damage to the property through fire or flood, your payments will be refunded in full, but no compensation will be paid.


You are welcome to appoint any of our freelance team to help you with planning and setting up your wedding and running the day. You may make contact and arrangements for payment with them directly, not through Wedding Weekends. Likewise you are free to book caterers and others whose services you need during your weekend. We do not make any profit from any companies whose names we supply and request that you satisfy yourselves fully as to their competence.

We do not charge corkage and we do allow your caterers access to the house, provided we have given our approval.

You can stock you own bar but unless your barman has a license you will not be able to charge your guests for alcohol.

Dinnerware and glassware hire for the day of your wedding and the bar in the evening is required. This is all to be hired in to return dirty to avoid confusion with the items in the house, so no hired items need to be taken into the house to wash up. Suppliers will charge for every missing item, so this is very much in your interests.


After our first meeting and before final confirmation of your booking, we request that you supply an outline of your ideas for your weekend. In addition, before you confirm any suppliers, you will need to provide us with all their names and contact numbers so that we can check, for example, copies of their liability insurance. The Copse is not responsible for any issues that may arise from your third parties.

We also require that you check with us all plans for music bookings such as bands or DJ’s before you confirm these bookings. We encourage you to discuss with us how this aspect of your weekend will be organised so that we can offer advice and contacts.

Only one day during your stay is permitted for a celebration with up 120 guests onsite.  Other days we ask that no more than 30 are on site (18 who are staying in the house plus a further 12 to come along) for only small gatherings such as lunch, bbq  or dinner at the house. Please speak to us about your weekend plans. Parking is limited.

Arrival is from 10am on Day One and departure is up to 6pm on Day Four/final day.
We will meet you on arrival and provide keys and advice will be available throughout your stay.
Details of start and finish times will be agreed during the creation of your plan. Likewise start and finish times for music. By law outdoor music or any sound that is liable to disturb neighbours must finish by 11pm – this also includes noise made by guests leaving the property in cars or taxis late at night.

We provide late night assistance with those wishing to leave the car parking, which closes at midnight and those wishing to order taxis. Our assistance is to ensure that Mill Lane does not get blocked and you are required to agree to this arrangement.

Dogs are permitted subject to agreement that there will no fouling of the garden and no dogs in the pond or on the furniture and dogs will be kept in the utility area of the house. Absolutely no access to reception rooms or bedrooms.

There may be times when we need access to the property during your stay, but we will ask your permission as this is a property for your exclusive use.

Upon your vacation, the property, grounds and sheltered spaces must be put back to how it was at the beginning of your stay i.e. clean and tidy and items back where they were originally found.


We aim to provide all the infrastructure you need for your weekend and this includes The Copse house, with 9 bedrooms, cinema, hot tub, 2 kitchens, Arctic Cabin, lighting, furniture, table decorations, signage, heating indoors and outdoors, sheltered spaces in the garden and the Barn. However should any of these facilities develop a temporary fault we will attempt immediate repair, but cannot be held liable for any breakdown should it occur and no compensation will be paid.

Every effort will be made to provide replacements or repairs and so please report faults in a timely manner. If the fault is caused by you or your guests please do not assume this will result in loss of deposit as we would much prefer to know to avoid problems for subsequent guests.

You agree that no more than 18 guests will be staying overnight at The Copse at any one time. For your event, the number of day guests must be agreed with us in advance, the maximum being 120, so that plans can be made in their best interests.

Included in your booking is access to the stable store of decorations. Items should be returned to their proper places and any damage reported. It Is unlikely you will be charged for damage, but it is important we keep an up to date list of supplies.


If you are planning a ceremony at The Copse then you must check that such service by a Registrar or celebrant is available for your chosen date. You are responsible for liaison with them and payments to them. The Copse is not liable for any cancellation by third parties providing such a service.

We are licensed to hold weddings and civil ceremonies and contact is with South Oxfordshire Registrars. Please look at the council website for information.

Please be aware that the ceremony is under the control of the Registrar and we all agree to abide by their regulations. A member of our team has to attend the Registrar by law. We will set up a table for the signing of the register and shall be on hand to assist with the registrar and be in the background available in case of any difficulties.

Only biodegradable confetti is permitted and any equipment producing snow effects for example must be biodegradable and safe for wildlife.

Noise Disturbance & Safety

You are responsible for your own safety and that of your guests and The Copse is not liable for anything you or they do that causes them injury. We have Public Liability Insurance and our house is regulated for fire safety but we ask that you are vigilant at all times and point out any issues to us immediately.

By the time of your wedding we will have agreed a plan with you to minimize noise disturbance but enable you to have a celebration with maximum flexibility. We will advise your musicians if they are causing a disturbance and reserve the right to enter the house or other spaces onsite to advise of this.

You are responsible for your guests at all times. This is important regarding children and access to the pond or to the road. Please ask us if you would like us to provide a team member to look after children attending your event. We will also enter your space if we believe there is any danger to people or property during your celebration and you will be responsible for following our requirements, whatever they may be. But they will not be unreasonable or contrary to what has been agreed in advance.

Candles are permitted inside and outside the house in holders only and must be extinguished before leaving the room. They must not be left to burn unattended as we have had a fire as a result.

No fireworks or Chinese lanterns or anything that will cause distress to wildlife and surrounding dogs and horses.

Smoking is not permitted in the house or other indoor or covered space but is permitted in the garden. Guests are required to use the outside toilets provided and not to wander into the house and into the bedrooms of those who are staying. Older family members are of course welcome to rest in the sitting rooms if appropriate, but use of the cinema is restricted to those staying at the house. Any young children in the cinema must be supervised in a proper manner.

Children under 5 are not allowed in the hot tub with the jets working as this can be damaging to their health.


Amplified music such as a band or DJ to set up and play in our barn.                                                                                                        Only acoustic guitars, flutes etc. are permitted outside – no drums or brass instruments- soft music only.                                                Day guests to leave by midnight
On site car parking closes at midnight. Cars may be left overnight but collected by the following morning.


We are not responsible for any loss, damage or breakdown but will endeavor to assist immediately. Should such an event occur prior to your booking making the house unavailable, we will provide a full refund but not alternative accommodation. Events outside our control include but are not limited to:

Failure of public or private networks or power and water.
Any local building or road works.
Any loss, damage or injury which is the result of adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters that would make it impossible to provide you with accommodation. Alternative dates will be suggested and a refund will be immediate.
We reserve the right to make any changes on site to improve facilities and will endeavor to keep any disruption to a minimum and not carry out such changes in high season, but during the winter months.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to any of your belongings. We will return any mislaid or forgotten items should they be found.

We are not responsible for vehicles parked on our site.

If these Terms and Conditions are updated, you will be sent an updated copy and your attention will be drawn to it.

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