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Planning your wedding is such an exciting time and you may know immediately exactly what you want. But there will be days when you feel overwhelmed. When those moments come, you can always contact us and ask for help and advice.

The point of making a booking at The Copse, is that it is your venue and we do not interfere beyond checking safety and sense. But we do not abandon you. We are so happy to help and provide practical assistance, because yours is not our first wedding, and we do know places to go and people to see that could solve you overwhelming problem.

We are not wedding planners, but we can check with you that you have thought of everything well before it becomes a crisis.



Click on the questions below for your answers.

How do I find out if I want to book?

First of all you need to visit us. As the house is always full with guests at weekends and then it is being cleaned, the best time to visit is a Wednesday afternoon or evening. So just call and come and see us.

If you want to seriously consider The Copse as your venue, you will need to check our Terms and Conditions. They are here on this site, so you can look now and discount us if you do not like the sound of anything you see there.

If that all looks OK, the information we provide will explain the payment options for the deposit. This is 30% of the total and will confirm if you are having a house guest only wedding, or a garden wedding with one or two extra spaces for reception and overflow, up to a maximum of 80 guests.

Once the relevant deposit is paid, your dates are reserved for you and will be blocked on the calendar. You have taken the first step to planning the wedding of your dreams.


Where is The Copse?

The postcode is RG4 9HA and the house is 5 minutes from Reading and ten minutes from Henley on Thames.

All that the countryside has to offer yet so close to town. But do not worry, once your guests arrive, they will not want to leave, even if there are dozens of places to visit close by…

Can my guests park?

Mill Lane is a single track country road leading to the house and its surrounding fields. The best parking for guests is off the A4074 behind the Packhorse Pub, which is walking distance to the house. House guest can park on our horse arena if you would like to clear the garden area for your celebration and have no cars visible.

Do you have caterers?

Well we do not have our own in house caterers. You are really on your own if you come here.  We are not at all like a hotel, in that we have no staff available to you unless you would like the help of the people who help us?

So we can recommend local chefs, cooks, Michelin starred caterers, pizza makers and all kind of wonderful people who will make your celebration really special and fun and not over extend your budget. But equally if you find these sorts of people for yourself that is exciting. Will you tell us all about them? Our next couples may really want to hear about them and putting people together is what we love to see happening..

Can we have music?

My goodness, you cannot marry without music. You cannot celebrate without music. Part of the joy of planning your day is choosing your all time great songs. They have to be part of your day.

We have an indoor and outdoor Sonos system that will play all your recorded music during the reception or wedding ceremony. Just tell us and we will fire it up for you.

Live music is a delight. But not after 11 if you are neighbours with small children not now sleeping. So consideration of the residents of Mill Lane is paramount. Your music plans need discussion with us before you make any bookings.


How many can sleep here?

Ah Ha! that depends on when you stop the music as to how many can sleep?

Seriously though, we have space for 16 adults to sleep. If the adults have small children, children and babies are incredibly welcome and do not count as adults at all. We have cots…just ask.

We cannot let the fields be used for tents and teepees because it is against Oxford Council policy for our land which is agricultural and not leisure. You can eat the grass in the fields, but you cannot sleep there. So sorry about that.

But you can gaze at the fields and wander there…and they are lovely and full of bees and butterflies.

How many chairs and tables can fit under the stretch tent?

Golly, let us hope you have fabulous weather for your wedding. Our aim is for your guests to enjoy the garden and surroundings. If it is wet or forecast rain, they will want you to keep them dry.

The deck overlooking the pond has plenty of cover for 60 as does the courtyard. So when you make your booking, you will decide if you want to book these two spaces, which have plenty of room for everyone to eat and dance and keep warm or keep chilled.

Do you have a concierge service?

If you hire The Copse, it is your personal venue and we want you to love it. So, yes, we can take food deliveries, organise drop off meals, and make recommendations. But we are not wedding planners, not unless you want us to get involved.   Helena and Kelly are superb organisers, they will provide a checklist services to help you plan and if you get overwhelmed they will step in and make it all happen.

But if you want their time,  they will charge by the hour for their involvement, depending on how much help you need, this charge is very unlikely to be less than £250.

The whole idea of The Copse is for you to plan your wedding the way you want, but sometimes it all becomes a little overwhelming, our team will step in and help for as long as you need. There is no way your wedding will be less than a huge success.

What are the basic supplies we can expect to find in the house?

We provide linen, towels, hairdryers, bath soaps, loo rolls,  as well as kitchen basics such as bin bags, dishwasher salt and liquid, cleaning products, tea, coffee, salt, pepper, oil, sugar. It is too ghastly to arrive and have to shop for all these items, so you will find them here. We often take delivery of shopping booked on line and delivered in advance of your arrival. Tesco, Ocado and Waitrose all come to this postcode which is RG4 9HA.

So do not worry about running out of anything, or not packing what you need. Shops are nearby and help is always at hand.

Can I access a floor plan?

Yes, you can see the layout of The Copse on the Floor Plan page.

What is the dog policy?

You are welcome to bring a dog, as we fully understand that dogs are part of your family. But strict rules apply and you must abide by them please. Guests who come after you must not be inconvenienced in any way because there has been a dog at the property and those with allergies must not be put at any risk. The strict rules will be explained, and if you are happy, we love to allow your dog to come and play and join in the celebrations.

Are there rules for wedding guests at the garden reception?

We ask couples to think of some sensible rules for their own guests. After all this is your wedding and if you think your guests might fall in the pond, or trip into the vegetation, please plan some ways to distract them, or alert them.

If you are worried or concerned at all, this is something we will discuss with you when we meet and we will provide helpers, so that you can relax and enjoy every moment.

Payment of refundable cautionary deposit

All weekend guests staying in the house pay a £500 refundable security deposit. There is an additional security deposit charge to couples of £1500 and liability is not limited to this amount in the case of severe damage.
Deductions will be made for the items / damages listed in the terms and conditions, which include not returning the property in a fit state for the cleaners and extra cleaning being necessary and using and not returning items from the house for the garden reception.

When do we make payment?

The minute you decide you want to use The Copse in some way for your wedding, it is a really good idea to put down a deposit. This house has been 100% booked since 2009, so your dates will disappear if you fail to decide in time.

So, once you decide, let us know and we will make sure your dates are secure. Depending on the booking you make your deposit will be some hundred pounds or over a thousand pounds. This will include VAT and the balance will be due well in advance of your wedding. If you have to cancel we do our best to make refunds. We will never take another booking to replace yours without making you a refund.

What is your noise policy?

Talk to us about your plans. The two rules are no fireworks please at any time of day or night as we are surrounded by animals and wildlife who have never got used to this.
No live music outside after 11pm unless you have personal permission from all our neighbours.

What is your bar policy?

We hope you  agree that you will want to relax and enjoy your party and will welcome someone looking after over enthusiastic guests.

So why not supply your choice of drinks but let our barmen, or your approved barmen serve the drinks if this is to be an open bar?

When can we arrive and start setting up?

We love the fact that you have lots of long days if you book here. We hate having to wait to check in and rush to check out. So at The Copse we are different. We are civilised…10 am check in and 6 pm checkout.

But in return, we expect couples and all the helpers they have found to have returned the house and its contents to its original state…just ready for the cleaners.

If you overestimate how helpful your guests are going to be, let us know.  We can provide many willing helpers to save you and your best friends striving to track down all the missing glasses and plates for the hire company…. our team will charge by the hour, but you will retain you sanity and your sense of humour. We recommend you book this service as no one really wants to be tied to the sink when everyone else is partying?

What is there to do for the house guests?

House guests probably understand that you will put them to work on helping you with your wedding? If their help is not what you need, then there are so many places you can send them…Henley on Thames is close by and there are river trips and fabulous pubs…there are walks across the Mapledurham Estate, if it is wet weather you can hide them in The Copse cinema and the stock of films will appeal to all ages.

We can suggest tours to Oxford or Bath or London. Just talk to us or talk to them ..they may well have a hidden talent for flowers or table displays or guest parking?

Where can guests stay locally?

The guests who are staying with you at The Copse will feel the closest to the celebrations, but your other guests need not be far away. There are some lovely, authentic or modern or lively places to stay depending on their style and budget. Ask us for suggestions and look out for some of the following:

The Crown at Playhatch

Kelly and Helena can help guests decide on where they would like to stay, if this is a service you would like them to provide.

Are my dates available?

You can find out availability on our Home & Away listing.

If you have a dream for your wedding, but are not sure how to make it happen, talk to us

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