Terms and conditions of rental of The Copse for Events

Please make sure that you read these terms and raise any questions with us before making your booking. If you think there is a mistake or would like to make any changes then this must be confirmed in writing. These terms will become binding on you once you have secured the booking by deposit and agreed to the payment schedule and we have issued you with an acceptance and confirmation of your booking. Our rentals are facilitated by the following website providers: English House Rentals, Home Away, Air B&B and Wedding Weekends.

You may download these Terms & Conditions in PDF format.

  1. To make a booking

All offers and bookings are subject to availability. Please check the dates you require.

  1. Payments

Booking payments are taken and processed by Home Away website. This is to offer our clients protection and the facility to pay by credit card. Home Away also process and hold onto the cautionary deposit. Payments may only be made in sterling. VAT is included in the total charged. Home Away will issue you with a payment schedule and send you reminders when payments are due including the cautionary deposit.

  1. Confirming your booking

A 30% deposit is required to confirm and secure your booking which will be taken electronically via the website. If your booking is within 16 weeks of your event then payment of the total balance amount must be made in full. Deposits are non-refundable.

  1. Balance payment

Payment of the balance of your event must be made no later than 16 weeks prior to the commencement of your event. Non-payment of the remaining balance after the 16 weeks prior to the event booking will constitute as cancellation of the event with forfeiture of the deposit plus additional charges, see cancellation details below. Payment reminders will be emailed to you with advance notice of payment due dates by Home Away.

Should it be necessary to cancel your event you must inform us as soon as possible. Cancellation charges are as follows: More than 24 weeks prior to the event-loss of deposit. Within 16 weeks of the booking-loss of deposit plus 50% of the remaining balance. Less than 12 weeks of the booking-100% of rental charge payable. You are advised to take out adequate insurance.

  1. Cautionary deposit

For events we require a cautionary deposit of £1500 in respect of damage to property and contents. This includes but is not limited to: the property house or garden, damage or loss of contents, damage or loss of keys, excessive or incorrect use of facilities such as cinema, hot tub, Arctic Cabin BBQ. This deposit must be paid by cleared funds one week prior to your event and the start of your accommodation. A reminder will be sent to make this payment but if this is not paid then we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

We will assess the property, garden and all its contents and facilities and either provide you with a full refund of the cautionary deposit or inform you of any amount to be retained or the amount to be further charged. The cautionary deposit does not limit your liability to this sum should further charges be necessary.

The cautionary deposit is taken and held by Home Away website and returned by them unless we make a claim.

  1. Weddings, civil partnerships etc.

If you are holding a ceremony at our venue then you must check that such service by a registrar, celebrant etc. is available on your chosen date and that you are responsible to liaise directly with them and make any payments to them. The Copse is not liable for any cancellations by third parties providing such a service.

We are licenced to hold weddings and civil ceremonies. Please look at the local council website for information regarding their registrar service: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/marriages.

  1. Toilets for your event

We require that you hire, at a cost to you, an outside portable toilet(s) for your event. Day guests are not permitted to use the house toilets due to the high volume of people as the house toilets are not on mains drains.

  1. What’s included in the cost?

The use of The Copse House, the garden and the Arctic Cabin BBQ. Use of the hot tub and cinema room. Towels for all guests. Fully equipped kitchen. Depending on the option of booking that you make, then use and access to outdoor spaces being the courtyard with covering and or use of the decking is available as well as use of furniture for events and use of ‘wedding items’ if wanted.

  1. Occupancy

The Copse house – The maximum number of guests who can stay at the property is 18. If you need extra guests to stay then this must be discussed and agreed by us in advance.

For an event – The number of day guests must be agreed in advance with us and must not exceed the agreed number.

  1. Arrival and departure times

Arrival is from 10am on the start date of booking and departure is up to 6pm on the last day of the booking.

  1. Access to the property and keys

We will meet you upon arrival and offer a show around and guidance on anything that you are unsure of. You will be given keys to the house and an access key to open the front gate for access onto the property. We will not enter the property at any time without your knowledge. If any keys are lost then a charge will be made or deducted from your cautionary deposit.

  1. Health and safety

We adhere to and ensure that the property and all its belongings and equipment comply with current health and safety regulations. However we cannot accept liability for injuries to guests caused by their own negligence.

  1. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the house or the Arctic Cabin. The decking is also non-smoking. Smokers are requested to use outside space and extinguish and dispose cigarettes in provided pots of sand and not left around the garden.

  1. Your responsibilities
  • During your stay you are responsible for the property and people at your event. This is especially important regarding children as there is a pond on site and at times the gate onto the main road may be open.
  • Please inform your guests that they are responsible for their personal belongings that they may have upon their persons or within the house and on the property.
  • Please inform us of any accidents that may occur.
  • Report any urgent defects or problems immediately to us so that we can try to rectify the issue as soon as possible. Any minor and small breakages e.g. plates, glasses etc. must be reported to us upon your departure.
  1. Restrictions and limits

The Copse is provided as a small venue on a self-catering and ‘plan it yourself’ basis.

You are responsible for:-

  • Liaisons and bookings with suppliers and contractors to your event. This also applies to you being present at the property to allow access to suppliers and contractors under your direction for deliveries before the event and collections after the event. The Copse can provide staff to assist should you require it at an hourly fee, please ask for details if interested.
  • You must not use items from The Copse household to supply your event (normal use whilst staying in the house is of course fine). Items of crockery, cutlery, glassware etc. must be hired out and sourced by you. Dirty items must be returned to the hirer dirty and not cleaned in the house.
  • You will provide portable toilet(s) to place in the garden for your event.
  • We do have a selection of tables, chairs and benches available to use for your event. This is included in the price of your booking. We expect you and your guests to use them in the correct manner and not cause any deliberate damage to them. However should you wish to use different furniture then you are welcome to hire out alternatives at a cost to you and by your arrangement.
  • We have a selection of wedding accessories such as centre pieces, candles etc. which you are welcome to use for your event. In return for using these items we ask that you donate items that you have purchased and used at your event to add to our collection. Items used must be returned clean and undamaged and left as you found them in our stable ‘shop’ ready for use by the next guests. All boxes and shelves are labelled.
  • If using our stretch tent, we expect you to take proper care of it and all its belongings. Always ask if you are unsure and require assistance.
  • You will take proper care of the house, garden and all contents and facilities. We expect the property and contents to be left in the same state in which they were found in the beginning of your stay. Failure to do so may result in the partial or full loss of your deposit. Should any damage be severe that it exceeds the deposit amount then an invoice will be issued for additional costs.
  • Live music outside must end by 11pm. We accept that you may want to use the Sonos system as background music quietly.
  • Car parking is limited to no more than 5 cars in the driveway to The Copse. Additional parking space for the event will need to be discussed and agreed by us.
  • Hot tub – excessive use of the hot tub will require monitoring of water and chlorine levels. Staff will explain this process to you. You must not adjust the settings.
  • Cinema room – please do not adjust any settings for the cinema and remember to turn off the projector when not in use.
  • Fire pits, chimineas, and BBQs are permitted in the garden. Patio heaters may be used on the decking but care must be taken. Candles are permitted inside the house but only if contained within an appropriate holder.
  • Absolutely no fireworks.
  • Only bio-degradable confetti is allowed. Alternatively you could use fresh or dried flower petals.
  • Clearing away and disposing/recycling of rubbish to the onsite bins.
  • Putting the house and garden back to how it was at the start of the rental, i.e. furniture back to its original place and cleanliness and tidiness with the removal of all personal and external property.
  • You will arrive and leave The Copse at the agreed dates and times.
  1. Assistance and help with cleaning and clearing away

We are able to offer staff to either assist or complete the task of cleaning and clearing away after your event. If you feel this is a service that you would like then please let us know so that we can advise you of the cost. Please note this must be discussed and organised in advance of the event.

  1. Pets

We will consider allowing you/guests to bring pets to the property. However this must be discussed and agreed in advance by us before your visit. Note that there may be an extra charge levied from the cautionary deposit if any damage has occurred as a result of your pet and or additional cleaning is required.

  1. Recommendations

The Copse is very happy to offer recommendations of external companies and services. However please note that we are not an agent for any company and we are not responsible for any of the services that they may provide. Each will have their own terms and conditions which you should check carefully.

  1. The Copse liability

We are not responsible for any loss or damage or breakdown that is not foreseeable. Should such an issue occur then we will endeavour to deal with the problem immediately to try to facilitate the continuation of your stay and event. We expect you to immediately notify us should anything be amiss or not working properly. Should it arise that any unforeseeable circumstance of breakdown, damage and or loss occurs causing us to have to cancel the booking, we are not responsible for paying for alternative accommodation or compensation.

Events outside our control include but are not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Failure of public or private networks of power and water.
  • Any local building or road works.
  • Any loss, damage or injury which is the result of adverse weather conditions, riot, war, strikes or other matters that would make it impossible to provide you with your accommodation. In this case alternative dates will be suggested and you will have the right to a full refund immediately. If these circumstances make it impossible for your visit to go ahead and you choose not to come. We will also help you to find an alternative.
  • Any loss, damage or inconvenience caused to or suffered by the client if the property shall be destroyed or substantially damaged before the commencement of the rental period or unavailable for any other reason and in any such event Penny Holley, will, with seven days notification to the client, refund all sums previously paid in respect of the rental period.

Any problems after your arrival with the internet, cookers, cinema room and hot tub will be dealt with as swiftly as possible upon being reported to us but there will be no compensation for loss of these facilities.

We are not responsible for any loss, damage or theft to any of your belongings. We will return any mislaid or forgotten personal belongings to you at a cost of postage should they be found and you wish to have them returned.

  1. Event insurance

We ask that appropriate insurance is obtained for your event and a copy to provide proof of this is submitted to us no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

If you have any questions or require further information before, during or after your stay, then please contact us.

We reserve the right to change arrangements to these terms and will notify you straight away should this occur.

You may download these Terms & Conditions in PDF format.

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